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Cali Morrison

Well said, Phil! I too am an advocate for transparency in higher education and do believe that only in applying any reporting requirements across the board will higher education truly begin to make significant change. It's sad that the impetus for true investigation of outcomes has to be the threat of further regulation and possible loss of federal aid. If institutions are up to getting ahead of the game, they can begin with committing to and reporting on the data set for Transparency by Design and the College Choices for Adults website.

Sebastian R. Diaz

Phil, I can't help but think that in the words of Yogi B., "it's deja vu all over again." For years the K12 sector resisted attempts at transparency, using anecdotes rather than sound quantitative and qualitative data, and responding to any sensible attempts at accountability with, "Y'all don't understand, it's a K12 thing." Then the federal government responded with, "If y'all want our money, you'd better understand this NCLB thing." When are we going to learn that it's better to self-regulate than to wait for vindictive scrutiny to rain down from outside the academy? In the end, Phil, so many of us in public IHEs will be reminded (not so gently) who funds our paychecks. I'm afraid the Harking hearings are mild compared to what's coming.

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